This Week In Modding: Morrowind Necromancy, Furry Sora, And More

Surprise, surprise, we have a lot of Elder Scrolls modding news to cover. However, not all of them centre around actual mods we’ve spotted this week. As we enter pride month, a Skyrim modder is calling upon Bethesda to end its homophobic naming restrictions, which limits what fans can call their LGBTQ+ mods.

Also in the news, Stardew Valley gets a huge fan update, and Sora gets a wild redesign. All of that and more features in our mod round-up this week.

Skyrim Modder Writes In-Game Letter Asking To Update LGBTQ+ Naming Policy

It’s pride month, something that Bethesda has marked on its social media. However, its homophobic naming policy doesn’t allow “lesbian” or “queer” to be included in the titles for Skyrim and Fallout mods. To right this wrong, modder XilaMonstrr has penned a letter to the company, calling on it to reverse this ban. “As marginalized people, the language that we use to identify ourselves and to find each other is extremely important”, writes XilaMonstrr. “To deny our usage of this language is to deny our very existence.” She continues: "I demand that this policy of suppression of queer identities be changed immediately—the words lesbian [and] queer should be allowed on all mod titles and descriptions."

Skyrim Mod Makes Recruitable Orphans Grow Bigger And Bigger

No one ages in the world of Skyrim. If you have kids, you have kids forever. That all changes with a recent mod showcased by YouTuber Call Me Kevin, however. This mod makes the kids actually grow, but not in the way you’d expect. Rather than ageing with the passage of time, they’ll only grow if they defeat enemies. And if they get defeated instead, they shrink. As you can expect, it’s an absolute mess, and gives you the weirdest family dynamic in all of Skyrim.

Morrowind Mod Adds Necromancy 20 Years After Launch

For the next mod that got our attention this week, we’re sticking with the Elder Scrolls series. Morrowind still holds a special place in the hearts of many players, so it’s no surprise that they’re always finding ways to keep the gameplay fresh. One modder has done this by adding a whole bunch of necromancy content – in case you feel like breaking some laws. The mod adds new spells and even new quests for players who feel like dabbling in the dark arts.

Stardew Valley Mod Expands Adventurer's Guild With 30 New Story Events

Stardew Valley certainly isn’t hurting for content, especially if you’re into its modding scene. The latest one we spotted this week comes courtesy of modder SUPERT, who has expanded the adventurer’s guild with a bunch of new events. There are now more quests, story events, and even romances. It’s perfect for those of you who have been grinding away since day one, and could do with something new to try.

Kingdom Hearts Mod Restores Sora To His Original Prototype Design

We’ve all clowned on Sora’s clown feet (while he had them, at least), but his design could have been a lot wilder. Originally, he was set to have white and black hair… and cat ears. If you think that’s the perfect look for the lead in a huge Disney franchise, then you’re in luck, because someone’s only gone and modded it into the game. Modder Napstio has added prototype Sora to Kingdom Hearts Final Mix for our viewing pleasure, giving us a look at what could have been. And so we can be thankful that this never made it to the final game.

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