Toys For Bob Seems To Be Teasing Something For Spyro In 2023

Toys for Bob, the developers behind Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time and Crash Team Rumble, seems to be teasing something new for Spyro the Dragon in 2023.

2023 marks the 25th anniversary of everyone's favourite purple dragon and it seems that there might be some things in the works to celebrate the occasion. Over on Twitter, Toys for Bob shared an image of its mood board for 2023, which seems to give several hints at what the studio is working on this year. To get the obvious hints out of the way, there's a big logo for Crash Team Rumble, as well as a tiki mask reminiscent of Uka Uka.

There's also an image of Ghost from Modern Warfare, likely referencing the support work Toys for Bob has done on Call of Duty over the past few years. This could just be referencing the studio's previous work on the game, or it could be taken as a hint at more support work on the rumoured 2023 DLC that'll reportedly star Ghost.

Things get really interesting in the upper left corner of the mood board, which shows Spyro the Dragon next to the number 25, referencing the fact that it's his 25th anniversary this year. There are a few possibilities as to what Spyro's appearance here means. The most likely is that it's a reference to Spyro making an appearance in Crash Team Rumble, as symbols representing him and Ripto have already been spotted on the game's website.

To be a little more hopeful, it's possible that Spyro being here is a tease for a new game in the series from Toys for Bob. Toys for Bob previously hinted at a fourth Spyro game in the art book for Crash Bandicoot 4, so if a fourth Spyro is really in the works then it seems likely that the studio is involved somehow. Whether this is something that'll be revealed this year or just teased is something we'll just have to wait and see about.

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