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Two Point Campus features a wide range of courses to run for your students, letting you attract all sorts of young people to your university and pay you for the privilege. Of the courses on offer, General Knowledge may be the most… normal.

There are no wacky machines or gigantic room requirements – it's a simple, easy-to-run course that makes for a nice little earner whenever you put it on. That said, you might not have even come across the course before now – here's everything you need to unlock General Knowledge and run the course successfully.

What Is General Knowledge?

This course will provide quite a General education to your students, imparting them a wide range of Knowledge. Really, it's exactly what it sounds like.

General Knowledge is a course that you'll have to unlock through research. Once you've unlocked the Research Lab – which happens very early on in the campaign – you can set a research teacher to the course. Once unlocked, it stays unlocked, and you can add it to a university with a course slot free for a measly ten Course Points.

The course requirements are also quite slim – you'll need only some Lecture Theatres for classes and a Library for assignments, in addition to all the usual genera that students need.

General Knowledge Course Details

As an easy-difficulty course, you won't have to micromanage the course all that much. Build everything you need, and the course largely runs itself. The ease also means that students will be getting a lot of experience, which means lots of money for you at the end of every month.

The course is only one year long, which means the students are very easy to keep happy – they'll be gone from the university grounds long before any of their long-term complaints add up to withheld course fees or the threat of dropping out.

With how easy the course is to satisfy, it's a good option for leveling up when you have the points required – more students mean more easy money. The table below shows how many students will apply to the course at each level, as long as you keep the course fees steady at the default of $4,500 – which is very low when compared to other courses.

Level 1Level 2Level 3Level 4Level 5
Level 6Level 7Level 8Level 9Level 10

If you want more students to apply, reduce your course fees!

The single year of General Knowledge consists of three classes in a Lecture Theatre. This means you'll need to focus on these rooms if you want a large cohort – especially if you're running other courses that use Lecture Theatres.

To find the number of Lecture Theatres that your General Knowledge course will require, take the number of students you'll have, multiply that by three, and then divide that number by eight and then six – this formula uses classroom capacity and timetable slots to work it out. Round decimals up.

The game will also tell you how many you need to build whenever you start a new year, but it's nice to be able to plan ahead.

If you run a General Knowledge course at level ten with the default course fees, you'll attract 55 students per year. Using the formula in the tip box above, you'll require four Lecture Theatres for General Knowledge alone – as most other courses also use Lecture Theatres, know that running a General Knowledge course means quite a lot of your real estate will be taken up by these rooms, and you'll need to employ a lot of teachers.

Tips For Running A General Knowledge Course

This course really doesn't require all that much to run successfully – as mentioned previously, you really only need some Lecture Theatres and a Library.

  • The only special requirement for assignments would be the General Knowledge Bookcase in the Library, which requires 100 Kudosh to unlock.
  • Focus your research on upgrading Lecterns and train your General Knowledge teachers as much as possible. It's an easy way to maximize your teaching efficiency.
  • It may be beneficial to build a wing of your university that only has General Knowledge facilities – give it its own Lecture Theatres, Libraries, and Dormitories that are set to only be used by General Knowledge students and teachers, and prevent your other rooms from allowing General Knowledge. As this course is easy, small, and never your main moneymaker, keeping it separate will be good for keeping things running smoothly.

You may wish to avoid running General Knowledge courses on longer, more involved levels – such as the later levels of the game. It doesn't provide much money, and as it's only one year long, students won't gain a terrible amount of experience. You're unlikely to have the best grades or level up in clubs very much when you're only at university for a year.

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