Two Point Hospital: Everything You Wanted To Know About Monobeasts

When playing Two Point Hospital you might come across something called a Monobeast, and you might see it or encounter this worm-like creature in a challenge. You are probably wondering where they come from or where to find them, as it doesn’t leave you with the clearest instructions. Although once you learn what they are, you will probably wish you had never asked.

Fortunately, these pesky little creatures (if you can even call them that) are easy to deal with. They might be a nuisance now, but in no time you will be clearing your corridors of Monobeasts for good in Two Point Hospital.

What Is A Monobeast?

The Monobeast is pretty much vermin and they can begin to infest your hospital if you let them stick around. They are created when a patient comes in who is suffering from an illness called Monobrow.

It falls off of the patient’s face if they happen to sneeze and lands on the ground where it will continue to slither around your hospital like a worm until you decide to get rid of it.


In order to prevent an infestation from occurring you need to have the right rooms in order to diagnose and treat the illness. The difficulty for your staff is 50% so it could go either way as to whether or not you find a cure.

The best rooms to diagnose this illness are:

  • M.E.G.A. Scan
  • Ward
  • X-Ray
  • GP’s Office

You will need a Ward if you desire to treat this illness, and if you want to save some money you can use this room for both diagnosis and treatment of Monobrow. It is best to cure this disease as each Monobeast that is created will cause a reduction in the hygiene of your hospital.

How Do You Find Them?

These Monobeasts are instinctual creatures who understand that they need to hide themselves away or they will be forcibly removed. It is why the best way to find them is by moving or selling pieces of furniture. They could be hiding under anything, from a vending machine to a plant, so it can be hard to find them if you only have a few running around your hospital.

However, it is good to note that they only stay in the corridors and will never enter a room, even those you should build first. It can narrow your search, but if you need to find them for a challenge always double-check before accepting that you have actually had Monobrow patients in your hospital.

How Do You Get Rid Of Them?

There are two methods to get rid of them and the most common way is to use your cursor as a weapon. You can point and click to fire, and a hit will result in what looks like a squished bug on the floor. The janitor will come by later to clean up its remains, so its corpse won’t last forever.

However, beware as the Monobeasts can be quite fast, so when you move an object or sell it, be immediately prepared to shoot.

The second method to rid your hospital of these vermin is to add an item called the Browbeater to your corridors. It is a passive way to remove them, and one that many players prefer to use.


The Browbeater is an item that must be unlocked, but not with Kudosh like most items. You can do so by completing one of the projects associated with the Superbug Initiative called Hair Removal. This set of challenges will begin once you have earned one star at Mitton University.

These projects usually require multiple participants, but luckily, Hair Removal can be done on your own as a Local Project. All you have to do is go up to the menu screen in the top right while at one of your hospitals, click on the blue bug, then choose to start the Hair Removal Project. You just have to generate 1,000 Research Points in order to unlock it and start using it in your facilities.

The Browbeater, when placed in a corridor, will attract Monobeasts and trap them, meaning they will no longer hide beneath items. You can also place them in the Ward, GP’s Office, and Cafe as well if you so desire.

However, if you have been challenged to shoot so many Monobeasts you want to remove this item. It will not allow you to crush them and the Monobeasts will not be released if the item is sold.

What Achievements Can You Earn?

There are two possible achievements that you can acquire and they are the following:

  • Low Brow
  • High Brow

The Low Brow achievement can be earned by simply shooting a single Monobeast. This is relatively easy to do and can be completed fairly early on in the game.

The High Brow achievement is a bit more difficult as it requires you to shoot ten Monobeasts in a row, which can be hard for struggling beginners. It might seem easy enough at first, but a single miss will set you back and have you starting all over.

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