Ubisoft Accidentally Reveal Existence Of Incursion On The Xbox Store

We might have a new multiplayer Xbox Series X game on our hands, as recently an entry titled “Incursion VMC” was listed on the Microsoft store by Ubisoft. The listing was removed shortly after, driving fans into a frenzy of thoughts as to what it just might be.

This act by Ubisoft isn’t really a first though – as game developers have been known to pull this move on the Microsoft store. As a matter of fact, we just saw the latest Tomb Raider: Definitive Survivor Trilogy get posted on the Microsoft store pre-release. Moreover, two games saw a similar way of being leaked last year as well, as two titles from Developer Digital were found on the store before any public announcements were made.

The leak was witnessed initially by Twitter user @_boxod_, causing speculation and anticipation within the gaming industry as to what might be coming from Ubisoft in the near future. After some time had passed though, Ubisoft changed the listing from Incursion VMC, to just VMC – and deleting the entry entirely moments later.

VMC, if you’re still confused, is the name of the company that Ubisoft works alongside to test the online platforms for its games, ensuring everything operates smoothly before releasing them publicly. This points to the fact that Ubisoft is either working on, or looking to announce an online based game mode – or an entirely new multiplayer game.

If we connect the dots further though, it seems like the listing may be a multiplayer platform for the upcoming Rainbow Siege: Quarantine – which is going to be a slightly altered version of Rainbow Six Siege from Ubisoft. Of course, we won’t have to wait much to hear more about this game, and what Incursion may be after all, as Ubisoft said it’ll be releasing information about Rainbow Six on the 4th of May.

Quarantine will be a co-op based multiplayer game which will see players partner together to fight off hoards of AI aliens. Definitely a concept that will be much liked amongst the gaming community.

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