Untitled Goose Game Confuses Amazon Bots, Gets A Title Change

Untitled Goose Game gained plenty of accolades upon release last year, and its unconventional title perfectly fits its quirky charm. No one explained the joke to Amazon’s retail bots, apparently, as the company altered the listing assuming it was a mistake.

In an exchange on Twitter, Wario64 noted that Amazon was listing the game as simply “Goose Game.” In response, developer Cabel Sasser pointed out that Amazon’s algorithm had mistakenly concluded that the “Untitled” part was a placeholder and removed it, leaving it with the much duller title. As of the time of writing, the mistaken listings are still up.

These listings are for the physical editions, which recently went up for pre-order in advance of their September release. Those include the game, a 24-page catalogue of in-game items, an 11×17 village map poster, and a “No Goose” sticker. A special eco-friendly “Lovely Edition” and equally eco-friendly vinyl soundtrack are also available from iam8bit.

“The important thing is that Untitled Goose Game is a hoot,” James O’Connor wrote in GameSpot’s review. “It’s a comedy game that focuses on making the act of playing it funny, rather than simply being a game that features jokes. Wishing that it was longer speaks to how much fun I had with it. There’s nothing else quite like Untitled Goose Game; it’s charming and cute despite being mean, and both very silly and very clever. It’s also probably the best non-racing game ever to feature a dedicated ‘honk’ button.”

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