V Rising: How To Find And Defeat Raziel The Shepherd

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The eternal battle in V Rising is between the Holy powers of the Light, and the dark ambitions of the Vampires. The church shines as a bastion of hope for the common people, and Raziel the Shepherd avidly tends to his flock of devoted followers, keeping them safe from the nighttime terrors.

Unfortunately for the good people of Dunley, you have other ideas, and Raziel has some sweet loot that needs to be acquired. This guide will show you where to find Raziel The Shepherd, the best battle strategy for defeating him, and what rewards you will gain if you can drain him of his V Blood.

Raziel The Shepherd's Location

Raziel The Shepherd can be found preaching within the church in the Dunley Monastery. The settlement is situated in the Western side of the Dunley Farmlands and is a particularly dangerous environment for a vampire.

It's a sanctified Holy area, which means you will take constant ticking damage while inside its boundaries. This can be negated by drinking a Holy Resistance Potion before entering the Monastery, which will grant you 50 Holy Resistance and prevent you from taking any damage. The potion will last for 30 minutes and is a great investment, provided you can one shot the boss. A cheaper alternative can be to use Bear Form, which will bolster your resistances but still cause you to take small amounts of damage.

After using this Potion, you can morph into Human Form and freely move around the Monastery, without being attacked by the many roaming guards. The grounds are crawling with Devoted, and they can make life problematic for you if you attempt to barrel all the way through to Raziel. A combat level of 56 makes them tough opponents, and they are quite a bit tankier than your standard Militia Guards.

When inside the church, there will be two Devoted to take care of, as well as numerous passive NPCs, who will just mill around and run away in fear. Kill the Devoted before engaging Raziel and maybe some other NPCs, so that you have more room to work with.

Battle Strategy

Raziel the Devoted is a combat level 60 boss, who wields Holy Spells to destroy his enemies. Your Holy Resistance Potion will come in handy for this fight, as it reduces all Holy damage taken by up to 25 percent.

  • Raziel's most impactful ability is to summon a Pylon of Light that shields the boss and roots you if you come too close to it. Due to this mechanic, fighting Raziel in melee is not recommended, as you will want to stay mobile and bring down the Pylons from a safe range.
  • Raziel's basic ability is to fire a Holy Bolt, which detonates at the end of its travel and explodes for AoE damage. There is a significant wind up on the spell, but the projectile itself moves quite fast, so try to preemptively dodge it by noticing which direction the boss is facing and strafing to the side.
  • Raziel will also shoot out a beam of Holy energy, which deals high ticking damage should you be caught in its radius. Your Travel Ability should be enough to help you distance yourself far enough away, as the range is quite small. The turning circle of the spell is also fairly slow, so strafing to the sides is also a good option if your dash is on cooldown.
  • An AoE Holy slam will repeatedly come down on your location, dealing moderate damage. The area is indicated by a red circle, but you have plenty of time to escape, as the cast time is extremely long.
  • Raziel's Ultimate ability is to summon a Pillar of Holy Flame that slowly follows you around the room. The damage from this spell is very high, but you should be able to kite it out, provided you have a clear pathway ahead of you.
  • This fight is all about controlling the area. Breaking the various benches around the room will give you more room, and killing off any Pylons of Light is your top priority. The rest of Raziel's spells are fairly easy to dodge, but if you are caught in a Pylon, you're liable to meet a swift death.

Your spell set-up should be the classic combo of Shadowbolt and Chaos Volley, with Mirror Strike as your Ultimate for its high damage. Both of your basic spells should be able to take out a Pylon of Light, which makes them preferable to the potential healing from Sanguine Coil. A Dark Silver weapon, preferably the Crossbow, is your new offensive choice, and some Dawnthorn Regalia for protection is the best gear you can bring.

Both of these gear choices will require defeating Octavian The Militia Captain beforehand.

Scholar Blood is nearly always your best Blood option, and remember that all-important Holy Resistance Potion. Its effect is almost mandatory for getting to and killing Raziel, so don't skimp out by neglecting it.

Raziel The Shepherd's Rewards

Raziel the Shepherd's V Blood will grant you a variety of rewards that range in their usefulness.

Crimson Beam Vampire PowerThis is a channeled beam of Blood energy that heals you and nearby allies for a portion of damage dealt to all enemies. This is an extremely powerful spell, and should without question be your new choice of Ultimate.

The damage and healing provided are exceptional, and you can't go wrong with switching over from any of your previous options.

Athenaeum Structure BlueprintRaziel will also grant you the blueprint for the Athenaeum structure, a vital component of your technological progression that allows you to discover Tier Three technologies.

These are the highest-level techs the game has to offer, and the importance of acquiring this structure makes Raziel a mandatory boss to defeat.

Silver Resistance Potion RecipeYou will also obtain the Silver Resistance Potion recipe, a niche item that can be helpful in reducing damage if you are transporting large quantities of Silver Coins or Silver Ore, and the Corrupted Artefact Trinket.

The Artefact will increase your spell power by a large amount, and should be an auto craft upon obtaining it.

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