Valorant Adds Astra As Newest Agent

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for—Valorant has added a new agent into the mix. This free-to-play multiplayer, tactical first-person shooter has been growing ever since it was fully released in June of 2020. There were already numerous characters you could play, but since the game’s release, Riot Games has added four new agents. Until now, the newest addition has been Yoru, Agent 14, who was released at the start of Episode 2, Act 1. Since then, we’ve only gotten teased about this mysterious Agent 15, and the wait has been short, but still excruciating. Luckily, we now know that Agent 15 will be none other than Astra, a new agent from Ghana.

In the trailer, Riot Games didn’t seem to want to keep much else a secret, as they displayed Astra’s cosmic abilities.

  • Gravity Well Ability: This will use a star to pull all players towards its center
  • Nova Pulse Ability: This will consume a star to create a concussion for any nearby players
  • Nebula Ability: This will use a star to create a temporary smoke field

Obviously though, the most exciting part of this reveal is what Astra can do with her ultimate ability, “Cosmic Divide,” which is unlike other abilities. Astra’s Cosmic Divide could be difficult to deal with for opposing enemies because it will basically allow Astra to use her tactical map to draw a line on it that will become a cosmic barrier across the entire map. Enemies can still pass through the Cosmic Divide, but they will no longer be able to see anything on the other side of it.

Fans’ reactions to the announcement of Astra so far have been mixed, as some aren’t sure she will be a worthwhile addition to the game. On the flip side, many are happy to have the addition of a potentially powerful female character added into the mix. Luckily, we will be able to find out for sure what she can do quite soon, given that she will make her official appearance as of March 2.

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