Valorant Celebrates 2021 With New Year’s Pack Featuring Returning Skins

Valorant has just finished its first full year in operation, and what a year it’s been. The game received four new agents, a massive crossover with Arcane: League of Legends, a launch on the Epic Games Store, and even announced a mobile port.

It also released a ton of skins that players might have missed the first time they were released in 2021. So to both celebrate the year and give players a chance to obtain some of the most popular skins of the year that they might have missed, Valorant is re-releasing these skins in a new Run It Back bundle.

If you’ll recall from last year, the Run It Back bundle features weapon skins from various bundles that were released the year prior. It’s the same deal this year, only now Valorant has way more skins to choose from for its first full year. These skins are “hand-picked” favorites, according to Valorant’s Twitter, although some fans are debating Riot’s choices.

The skins in question include the Origin Operator, Forsaken Vandal, Prime 2.0 Odin, Tethered Realms Ghost, and Recon Spectre. You can purchase the bundle for the low price of 5,945 VP, which is a 30% discount compared to purchasing every skin separately (although you can do that too if there’s only one or two skins that you want from the bundle).

The Run It Back bundle will only be available for just under two weeks, so better grab it before it’s gone. Otherwise, you’ll just have to wait for the skin you want to come back as a daily deal.

If you've got an Amazon account, you can also link it to Valorant to receive a free Bruno Coin Spray. It looks to be very much riffing on Dogecoin, the cryptocurrency that originally started as a joke and has since become extremely unfunny. But now it’s funny again because it’s a silly coin with a corgi on it.

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