VALORANT Patch 1.11 Goes Live Again With More Breach Updates

Riot Games has launched VALORANT patch 1.11 again in the Americas after rolling it back last week. The update brings in Skye, the game’s newest playable agent, along with a number of additional character updates. Some changes for Initiators Breach and Skye, as well as Sentinels Killjoy and Cypher, have been included in the patch.

Initiator agent Breach received a slight flash buff in the initial patch, increasing his full flash time from 1.75 to 2. Hidden from the patch notes were a couple more updates to the Swedish warrior’s ability kit. The additional changes were confirmed by VALORANT gameplay designer Rycoux in a reply to a Reddit post. User oDavideo pointed out the differences in Breach’s Fault Line after playing patch 1.11.

Fault Line is Breach’s signature ability, available to him at the start of each round. After a charge, Breach sends forward a powerful earthquake, stunning and disorientating any enemies in his path. In order to make Breach a more viable agent in solo queue, Fault Line now charges 20% faster and casts 8m away from the character. Breach’s ultimate ability, Rolling Thunder, also now casts 8m away from him.

In addition to Breach’s updates, Killjoy, Skye, and Cypher have each received a slight change. As stated by Rycoux on Twitter, these three agents will now have Temporary Charges, which will only affect certain abilities that can be recalled/repositioned within the round. Killjoy’s Alarmbot, Cypher’s Trapwire, and Skye’s Regrowth will all now have Temporary Charges.

With Temporary Charges, these abilities will not be carried over into the next round after being placed down. Killjoy’s Alarmbot and Cypher’s Trapwire can still be repositioned, but you’ll need to purchase another one in the following round after placing them down. This can only be avoided by recalling the ability before the round begins. Skye’s Regrowth will be met with a Temporary Charge after it is used during a round. Killjoy’s Turret and Cypher’s Spycam are not affected by this update.

VALORANT patch 1.11 also brings the addition of new map Icebox to competitive matchmaking. Any progress made on Skye’s agent contract or the battle pass when the patch initially launched should be reinstated. Patch 1.11 will launch in other regions in the coming days.

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