Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 2 – Escaping The Memory Prison Walkthrough

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  • How To Unlock The Rat Eater Talent
  • How To Unlock The Controlled Hunt Talent
  • How To Find Tremere Concoction And Tremere Potion
  • Where To Find All Of Emem’s Memories
  • Unlockable Premonition
  • How To Solve Tower Puzzles In The Memory Prison
  • How To Win Confrontation With Deneb Osborne

Once you’ve finished the Prince’s Quarter Scene in Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong, you are given free rein over whose story you play through next. Selecting Emem quickly reveals that our Toreador friend has gotten herself in quite the pickle. The reason for said pickling is left a mystery to both the player and Emem.

That’s right, Emem has found herself trapped in a Memory Prison, and the only way out is to solve a series of puzzles. The catch? Memory fragments have been ripped from her head and if she leaves without finding them, they are gone forever. Not only that but there seem to be other people trapped here – this is shared incarceration.

Due to how much variance there is between each player's playthrough due to stat distribution, we won’t be covering the moment-to-moment gameplay. Instead, we will be covering the main points and any missable side content.

How To Unlock The Rat Eater Talent

Eating rats is not exactly the best way to refill your hunger gauge. Each Rat provides a pitiful amount of blood, you build Suspicion, and it’s kinda gross. That being said, sometimes you have no choice. There are plenty of rats in the Memory Prison, and if you eat enough of them, you can unlock the Rat Eater Talent, which makes every rat that little bit more substantial.

You can find three rats in your cell, and if you head right after your Blink to the central area (where the Jefferson Library sign is), and follow the path right, you will find two more. Eat these, and you should be good to go.

How To Unlock The Controlled Hunt Talent

Similar to Rat Eater, Controlled Hunt makes feeding on humans a little bit more effective. You can very easily unlock this Talent by eating every human you find, but, if you want to unlock it as quickly as possible, then from the Jefferson Library sign, head left and blink to the central pillar and quickly blink left again.

Feed on the prisoner, and providing you fed twice in Scene One, then Emem will gain this Talent. If you didn’t, then don’t worry, there are plenty of humans to eat later on in this Scene.

How To Find Tremere Concoction And Tremere Potion

There are two types of consumables in this mission. Tremere Concoctions, and the Tremere Potion. Tremere Concoctions allow Emem to refill her Hunger gauge without having to feed. This can be handy if you are using your Vampiric Abilities too much in this Scene, and there isn’t a fresh flesh sack to munch on.

The Tremere Potion is much more interesting and is required if you want to fully explore the mind prison. This will increase the rank of your Celerity Discipline. This will allow you to slow time. Use this in conjunction with the levers on the far right of the library to gain access to the left and right cell blocks.

You can find two Tremere Concoctions in the Library, right of the entrance on some barrels. The Tremere Potion is on a desk to the left of the entrance.

Where To Find All Of Emem’s Memories

Emem has had her memories ripped from her head and placed around the Memory Prison. If you don’t find them all, Emem will permanently lose large sections of her memory. Whilst an optional objective, it’s highly recommended you find them as it helps build Emem’s (as well as Hilda’s) character as you get to witness key moments in her life.

They all have a sound signal letting you know you are near.

Jefferson Library Memory

This memory is unmissable. This memory reveals how Emem got to the mind prison.

Nightclub Memory

In one of the cells found in the left cell block are some brown bottles. Interact with them to be taken to a memory of Emem in a Nightclub with Journey.

Blood Bond Memory

Warning: This memory is quite disturbing. Trigger warning for rape.

Follow the path through the left cell block and head into the medical facility below. From here, use Blink to teleport to a blood-soaked bedroom. The memory is tied to the bed.

Bordeaux Memory

In the second cell of the right cell block is a radio. Interact with this, and you will witness a scene of Emem and Hilda fleeing Bordeaux after the Nazi occupation of France.

Broken Wall Memory

In the third cell of the right cell block, you will find a broken wall. Interact with this to watch a scene of Emem and Hilda arguing over Emem’s trauma after the Blood Bond.

Blue Candle Memory

From the library, head towards the bridge that leads to the large central tower. To the left of this bridge is a Blink point. Follow this path to a blue candle. This will unlock a memory of Hilda Embracing Emem.

Branding Memory

This memory is very easily missed. On the top floor of the puzzle tower, before you enter the portal to escape, is a flaming torch. Interact with this to unlock the final memory. This will reveal what happened to Hilda after Emem took revenge for the Blood Bond.

Unlockable Premonition

If Emem has Auspex level three, she can witness premonitions when interacting with certain objects. In the Memory Prison, there is a chair in the medical room you pass through to reach the Blood Bond memory. Activate to witness a possible future for Galeb.

How To Solve Tower Puzzles In The Memory Prison

There are three puzzles you need to complete in order to escape the Memory Prison. These can take quite a while if you don't have a knack for puzzle solving. Thankfully, we have solved them all for you. Slot the pieces in place as shown in the screenshots, and you will bypass this section completely.

Puzzle One

Puzzle Two

Puzzle Three

How To Win Confrontation With Deneb Osborne

At the end of the scene, you will be forced to confront Deneb Osborne. To win the confrontation, then select the following options. Where possible, we have included options that require no stats to succeed.

  • To defending yourself, you will need points in Intimidation. If you don't have them, you will lose this first dialogue.
  • "Hazel has been working on this alliance for a long time"
  • "Someone was sent there"
  • "Boston Neighborhood"

Alternatively, you can fail this confrontation which will have story rammifications later.

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