Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong: Scene 5 Part 1 – Help Kaius Or Talk With Berel Walkthrough

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  • How To Win Confrontation With Berel

After Galeb has returned victorious from Jason Moore’s apartment, Vampire: The Masquerade – Swansong gives you a little bit of breathing room to talk to characters in and around the Prince’s Quarter. Depending on how you did in your last mission, how certain characters talk to you, and how you respond, can change slightly.

Two big events take place whilst Galeb is here, and they cannot be completed at the same time. You must choose who to help, and the other is simply left high and dry. You can either help Kaius in his investigations or talk to Berel who has been hovering around your Ghoul, Feng.

Helping Kaius

If you choose to help Kaius, you will need to head down to the lower levels of the Prince’s Quarter and meet him in his office. Once you have exhausted his dialogue, you will get an option to help him. This will lock you out of the Berel progression path.

Once you have accepted Kaius’s request, you make your way to Jara Drory’s apartment. Your goal is to insert a USB stick into her laptop and steal some information on what she has been doing. Once you’ve done this, you can leave. You may want to hang on a moment and crack open a lockbox.

How To Open Jara Drory’s Box

You may recall there was an invisible box on Drory’s bed when you were last here (as Leysha). This box is now fully visible and can be opened. It is locked, however.

To open the locked box, you will need to enter a combination. This combination can be found in two pieces, one near Drory’s PC, and another near her bin. The combination is: left, right, right, then press the button. This will reveal some documents that help prove Drory’s innocence.

Interrogation Room

Before you finish up your quest with Kaius (or Berel for that matter), you can go to the Interrogation Room. This can be found near the Server Room where you first encountered Kaius in Scene One.

You can Interrogate the prisoner to get more information on what went down in Jason Moore’s apartment. Based on your stats, you will glean more or less information.

How To Win Confrontation With Berel

If you choose to talk to Berel instead of helping Kaius, you will be plunged into a Confrontation. This confrontation will reveal a lot of backstory about both Galeb and Berel, and is well worth doing, even if there isn’t any snooping in this questline.

To win the encounter, select the following options as they come up. Where possible, we have chosen options that don’t require any skill investment.

  • “Let me worry about her”
  • If you have the stats, then hit “Defend”, if you don’t then you are forced to hit “Don’t defend”. Be aware the Berel has very high conversational stats and is very difficult to beat.
  • “He’s being disloyal”
  • You will have to use Intimidation to overcome Berel here. Thankfully, Berel’s Intimidation stat is very low, so beating him here is not too difficult – even with minimal investment.

If you win this Confrontation, Berel will back off and no longer pursue Feng. If, however, you fail this encounter, then Berel will not relent. You can see the aftermath of these outcomes in Emem’s Scene. There will also be rammifications much later in the game, as Berel will Embrace Feng if you fail or ignore this encounter.

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