Very Very Valet Getting The Physical Treatment And Exclusive Character

Today, Nighthawk Interactive and Toyful Games have announced that their outrageous couch co-op, Very Very Valet, will be making its way to retail and the Nintendo eShop May 25. A demo for the game will be up on the Nintendo eShop from May 6.

Very Very Valet will allow four players to come together to take control of a chaotic valet station with some muppet-like characters. Whether playing alone or with up to three others, players will have to work together to tackle the severe parking shortage that is wreaking havoc on the station and causing all kinds of chaos. Or, someone can choose to cause even more chaos by launching their fellow valets across the map.

With accessible driving controls, anyone can become master valet as they show off their skills in over 20 unique locations and scenarios. Those locations include city streets, cliffside, bowling alleys, airports, and even train yards. No matter the location, players will have to get creative and utilize a “just park it” mentality if they want to save the world from this severe parking crisis.

You can check out the frenzied gameplay in the video below where two of the developers show off the chaos involved in running a valet.

The game is a collaboration between publishers Nighthawk Interactive and developer Toyful Games. Nighthawk places an emphasis on publishing, co-publishing, and retail distribution by building strong partnerships with some of the biggest brands in entertainment. They also work closely with many talented independent developers to deliver great gaming experiences around the world. Meanwhile, this is the first release for Toyful Games, a team of two longtime collaborators focused on creating unique, expressive, and accessible games.

Pre-orders for Very Very Valet are now open at major retailers including Walmart, Target, GameStop, Amazon, GAME, and Best Buy. Those who pick up a physical copy of the game will also get the added bonus of an exclusive playable valet character. The game will release for the Nintendo Switch on May 25 and will be available at US retailers for $29.99 for the physical copy. It will be available digitally on the Nintendo eShop for $24.99/€19.99. For more information, you can check out the games official website.

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