Viral Nintendogs Rescuer Rehomes Pups After Failing To Find Their Owner

Odds are you've probably not thought about Nintendogs for a while. The original game recently turned 17 and it has probably been almost as long since you last fired up your DS and checked on your pups. That's unless Ben Pollard's Nintendogs saga, which went viral earlier this month, inspired you to dig out your cartridge and give your virtual pets some much-needed attention. If you have been following that saga, it now has an end.

Pollard went viral on TikTok when he documented his journey, which began with the discovery of an abandoned Nintendogs cartridge on a train floor – an incredibly odd thing to find in 2022. After cleaning the cartridge and finding his old DS bennypvideo, as he's known on TikTok, discovered two dogs, Tyson and Enzo. He also discovered the previous owner of the game, and hence the pups, was called Sean.

After bonding with the virtual dogs, Pollard attempted to track down this Sean. However, as has now been revealed in the final part of this viral series, that hasn't been possible. Instead, part five follows the TikTokker on his journey to rehome the dogs. One that begins with a train ride and ends with Pollard leaving the cartridge in a tiny armchair at Battersea Dogs Home.

Battersea is a well-known dogs home in the UK. That coupled with Pollard (hopeully) only living a short train ride away made it an obvious forever home for Tyson and Enzo. You can watch the video above, although most of it revolves around Pollard trying to find the entrance to the massive building. Once he does, Pollard leaves the cartridge at reception, which was unfortunately unmanned at the time. Had there been someone there, the ensuing conversation would have been very interesting.

Now that Pollard has given the cartridge away, hopefully someone else with a DS will find it and discover Tyson and Enzo for themselves. If you did ever have Nintendogs, and your copy is currently collecting dust somewhere, give it a clean and fire it up. Your virtual dogs will appreciate it.

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