VR Giants Seeks a Helping Hand as Kickstarter Begins

Crowd-funding can be a vital avenue for indie developers hoping to realize their creative vision, whether they’re aiming for the big bucks or a goal which is a little more modest. When it comes to new Kickstarter campaign VR Giants the latter is in effect.

Solo developer Wolfgang Tschauko is looking to raise €10,000 EUR to help polish the project he’s been working on for the past three years. VR Giants is a local co-op experience where a VR player becomes the giant and a non-VR player controls the pint-sized David via a PC monitor.

Gameplay involves solving puzzles together, the goal is to collect coins scattered around the level to open the next stage. David is able to wander around the environment freely with only a very basic jump mechanic, whilst the giant is tethered to points yet able to easily pick up useful items such as wooden planks to facilitate David’s traversal across more difficult terrain.

The core mechanics of VR Giants are already in place so Tschauko wants to use the funding to help improve the overall experience, enhancing the graphics and sound by creating a team to work on the project. He notes on the campaign page that the low funding target is because the Austrian government will double whatever he manages to raise.

The campaign is already off to a good start having raised a quarter of its goal on the first day. A limited super early bird tier has already sold out so the cheapest way to get a copy is via the €19 (£18 GBP) tier. As is the Kickstarter way, spend more money and you’ll get more goodies.

Supporting PC VR headsets like Oculus Rift, Valve Index, HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality, there’s a free demo so you can try VR Giants before dropping any cash. Or take a look at VRFocus’ preview for more info.

As the campaign continues, VRFocus will update you on its progress.

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