War Machine, She-Hulk, and Kate Bishop coming to Avengers game claims dataminer


References to three new characters have been found in the Marvel’s Avengers game but are they really the next playable heroes?

Based on the beta, Marvel’s Avengers looks to be an enjoyable co-op brawler but rather than a single-player adventure like the Spider-Man game it’s intended to a live service title similar to Destiny, where new content continues to be added (for free) at regular intervals.

We already know that Hawkeye will be the first new playable character after launch and that Spider-Man will be added sometime early next year (but, controversially, only to the PlayStation versions) but now there’s been some hints as to who else might be joining the party.

Dataminers on Reddit have found references to War Machine, She-Hulk, and Kate Bishop that seem to imply they’ll be playable as well, even though their abilities are very similar to existing heroes.


War Machine (the only one to be in the films so far) is basically Iron Man with more guns, She-Hulk is a female Hulk (obviously, although she’s also a lawyer and has always retained her human mind when transformed), and Kate Bishop is a protégée of Hawkeye.

That means although they may look different they probably play quite similarly, to the point where they may not be far off from just another costume skin.

That’s not necessarily a problem though, especially if it helps to fill the roster with more obscure heroes, and may well take the approach of fighting games were palette-swapped characters are given only slightly different skills and abilities.

Since there’s been no official announcement this is only conjecture, but those names didn’t get into the game’s files by accident and Kate Bishop has already been referenced in-game via a cameo.

The datamining also turned up a feature called ‘hero cards’ which weren’t in the beta but seem to be connected to the new characters.

To make another fighting game comparison that could mean they’re only support characters of some kind, although nothing else so far has hinted at such a feature.


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