Warzone Player Gets 0-Kill Victory By Hoarding Self-Revive Kits

There’s a new strategy for winning Call of Duty: Warzone 2 games that involve grabbing as many self-revive kits as you possibly can and then hanging out in the gas until you simply choke out the competition. It’s a pacifist run of Warzone 2, and it’s apparently clever enough for at least one YouTuber to achieve victory.

"I won a game of Warzone 2 in solos without getting a single kill," announces YouTuber BearPig at the beginning of his video, which he describes as containing both "intense" and "challenging" gameplay. His strategy was simple: run from every encounter, never fire your gun at an opponent, and always be searching for self-revive kits. Warzone 2 allows players to stockpile self-revives, as opposed to Warzone 1, which only allowed a player to have a single self-revive at a time.

The first part of the video is just BearPig scrounging around for as much cash as possible. Then he starts searching for a vacant buy station in order to fill his inventory with self-revive kits. After that, he simply finds an abandoned building and camps on the second floor waiting for the gas circle to close.

BearPig graciously cuts out what was surely minutes of doing absolutely nothing, leaving us with a few tense moments as he listens to a player stomp upstairs. BearPig bravely runs away rather than engage with his assailant, something he does repeatedly as the gas circle closes and more opponents bite it in gunfights with other players.

Once the circle got small enough, BearPig donned his gas mask and started running through the gas to avoid engagements. Eventually down to just himself and another player, BearPig climbed to the top of the tallest building, popped a few smoke grenades, and sat there. As the final circle closed, BearPig was able to keep himself going thanks to his backpack full of self-revives.

At one point, BearPig even watched the last opposing player choking on the floor and deliberately ran away to let the gas do its work. That's dedication to the bit.

It's unknown whether Infinity Ward will keep this strategy in-game or nerf it in future updates, but it sure seems like an unintended consequence of being able to hold self-revives. Not like the Roze 2.0 skin that was recently nerfed to make players more visible.

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