Watch Dogs: Legion: All Darts Locations

Sometimes you need a break from trying to tear down a massive evil corporation to just relax with a fun game in Watch Dogs: Legion. While there are plenty of side activities to enjoy, darts is a staple bar game not only in London, but around the world. If you want to show off your aim in a non-lethal way, plus earn the Bullseye trophy/achievement, check out our guide on all of the Watch Dogs: Legion dart locations.

All Darts Locations In Watch Dogs: Legion

There are a total of 21 locations across the map where you can participate in a game of darts. If you’re going after the Bullseye trophy/achievement, make sure you complete at least one game of solo darts in each spot with the same character. You do not need to play a versus match for it to count.

Dart Location #1

Starting in Westminster, the first dart location is in The Earl’s Fortune near the middle of the area.

Dart Location #2

In the southwest of Westminster, the next board is in The Martlet’s Nest. Look directly to the right of the door as soon as you enter.

Dart Location #3

To the northwest of number one, The Winter Lion Pub is right beside the park.

Dart Location #4

Further north still, The Golden Rivet is in the downtown area. The board is to the right of the entrance.

Dart Location #5

Seven Dials is next, and can be found almost in the dead center of the city.

Dart Location #6

A little further north in Westminster is the Of Songs & Barley bar. Once again, you can find the dart board on your right after entering.

Dart Location #7

Now in the Camden area, the only location is up in the northern section in The Earl’s Fortune.

Dart Location #8

Heading into the City of London proper, the only bar you need to find here is another Earl’s Fortune on the Western side of the area. The board is tucked around a small corner on the right after you enter.

Dart Location #9

Heading over to Islington & Hackney, make your way to FoodTown on the western side. There’s a dart board set up on the brick wall to the left between to barriers.

Dart Location #10

Next you’ll want to go to the World of Tomorrow and run up the wood floors to the left. The dart board is on the multicolored wall on the left.

Dart Location #11

The last stop in this zone is near the part to the north in The Golden Rivet.

Dart Location #12

There’s just one place to play in Tower Hamlets way down by the water to the southeast. Find The Drowning Post and play your game under the stairs.

Dart Location #13

The first board is Southwark is near the middle of the city in yet another Earl’s Fortune.

Dart Location #14

Near the northern edge of the zone, make your way over to The Three Hawker Boys. The dart board is right under the curved staircase on your left when you go in.

Dart Location #15

Last up for this area is on the western edge in another bar called The Martlet’s Nest.

Dart Location #16

Traveling down into Lambeth now, stick to the east side to visit The Xcess.

Dart Location #17

Just a little further north of The Xcess, the next dart board is in another Golden Rivet bar.

Dart Location #18

Just south of the city’s center, take a trip into the European Processing Centre. The board is near the pile of speakers in the bar area.

Dart Location #19

The next board you’re after is to the southwest in Boxtown.

Dart Location #20

The last stop in Lambeth is almost all the way down south at yet another Golden Rivet.

Dart Location #21

The final dart board in the game is in Nine Elms. Smack dab in the middle of the area you can visit one more Martlet’s Nest for a final game of darts.

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