Watch The Xbox Games Showcase With Game Informer

Throughout 2020, Microsoft has teased fans with small trailers and bits of information on what Xbox gamers would be playing when the Series X finally launches later this year. It’s all led to this as the gaming giant is finally showing off its first-party software and fans expectations are through the roof. We know we’ll see Halo Infinite, but will it blow us away? Will Fable or another long lost title make a surprise appearance? Can I keep my composure through it all? Only time will tell.

Join Ben Reeves and me as we watch both the preshow and main event and see what the future of Xbox has in store.

We’ll be hosting a little preshow of our own, so be sure to join us at 9:45 a.m. CT and tell us what you’re hoping to see during the Games Showcase. And remember to subscribe on YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, Twitter, and Facebook to get notified when we go live!

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