Watch This Knuckles Anime That Sets Up Sonic Frontiers

With just one week to go until the launch of Sonic Frontiers, Sega has delivered on the promise that fans would get a prologue further revealing the premise of the game. A short, six-minute anime starring Knuckles, and you can watch the whole thing below right now.

Knuckles hasn't been shown in previous footage for Frontiers, but Sega did confirm he would be the star of the game's animated prologue earlier this year. It begins with the echidna guarding the Master Emerald on his native Angel Island, contemplating why it is he dedicates his life to making sure it doesn't fall into the wrong hands. Knuckles also talks out loud about exploring the island he calls home, discovering new things every day.

While helping a Nights Chao pull something curious out from under a rock, Knuckles discovers one of the Frontiers portals that have been shown via previous trailers and gameplay. The portal transports Knuckles away from Angel Island and onto what is presumably one of the Starfall Islands. After fighting off some low-level mechs, a larger one, and the character who appears to be the primary antagonist in the game, captures Knuckles and imprisons him.

The glowing orb preventing Knuckles from escape appears to be of the same variety as the one holding Amy prisoner in a Frontiers trailer shown off earlier this year. The last thing the echidna says is he prefers to do things alone, but in this instance, he will need to rely on the help of others. It seems Sonic will be tasked with finding both Amy and Knuckles so he can set them free, but as far as we know, the hedgehog is completely unaware his red friend is in any trouble.

Frontiers launches on all major platforms on November 8, and Knuckles' prologue might well be the last bit of concrete information about it that we get until then. A number of other characters from Sonic's universe will be returning for the game, like Big The Cat, but it has been confirmed Shadow won't be one of them.

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