Weirdest Resident Evil Village Mods | Never Bring A Banana To A Gunfight

We’ve covered a few “weird” Resident Evil Village mods in the past, including turning Lady Dimitrescu into Thomas the Tank Engine and fighting off a horde of the world’s friendliest purple dinosaur with Barney, but there is still so much oddness out there. Resident Evil Village is already pretty weird, especially when looking at how much Capcom apparently hates Ethan Winters’ hands, but trust me when I say that it can get a lot weirder. So, without further ado, let’s talk about some of the weirdest Resident Evil Village mods that you need to try.

Before diving in, some of these are made just for the demo (not all though). If you like them, however, keep tabs because full versions are on the way. 

Baby Chris Redfield

Think beefy Chris Redfield, but as Rose instead. Because why not? In the realm of strange, nothing is off limits. And as mentioned in our spoilercast, Rose already has a frightfully large noggin as it is, so Chris’ head replacing the baby’s isn’t as weird as it should be. Seriously though, how did Mia birth that thing?! Respect…

All this mod does is literally puts Chris’ head onto Rose’s infant form at the beginning of the game. It’s not a lifechanger, but it is still too hilarious for you to pass up. 

You can download this mod right here. 

Pudge as the Duke

Pudge is from Dota 2 and I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would want this, but here we are. I don’t have any words for this one. Just take your download link and go, please. 

You can download this mod here. 

Lady X Mod

You know how the world was obsessed with Mr. X once more and there were all of those glorious memes replacing the song with him: “Mr. X gonna give it to ya”? Well, good news! We can do it again, except with Lady X. That’s right, some mad soul out there replaced Lady Dimitrescu’s supple vampy skin with that of Mr. X and it’s terrifying and I still kind of want her to step on me. Not sure what that says about me, but sounds like a problem for future me. 

You can download this mod right here. 

Bonus Mod: Play As Lady Dimitrescu (For Resident Evil 3 Remake)

Going a little off-topic with this one, but you can bring the lusty vampire we all know and love into other Resident Evil adventures as well! Why beg Lady D to notice you when you can become her instead? OK, admittedly that sounded a lot creepier than it did in my head, but you get the picture. With this mod, it retexturizes Jill Valentine to look like Lady D herself. Slog your way through water, death, and destruction in an elegant white dress while demanding murder. 

You can download this mod right here. 

Creepy Baby Chris Redfield Swap, But Reverse It

Remember that creepy Chris Redfield mod that puts his grown head onto infant Baby Rose’s body? Time to harness your inner Missy Elliot and flip it and reverse it because now Rose’s big dome piece is on a grown Chris’ body.

You’re welcome. 

You can download this mod here. 

Banana Gun And Spoon Knife

Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to bring a banana to a gunfight? Obviously not if you’re looking at this mod. This is goofy, nonsensical, and I’m 100% here for it. Gone are the days a normal handgun, fight bloodthirsty fiends with potassium instead! 

All this mod does is it replaces the models for the handguns and melee weapons with bananas and spoons instead. Is it important? Nah, but it sure is funny. 

You can download this mod here. 

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Thoughts on the various weird Resident Evil Village mods out there? What other mods are you hoping this community brings for the latest horror title from Capcom? Sound off with your thoughts in the comment section below! 

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