Wild Hearts Reveals Giant Monkey Boss In Latest Gameplay Trailer

Wild Hearts might look like just another big monster-hunting game, but what sets it apart is the Karakuri, a mysterious and magical device that can transform into loads of helpful little items. We've already seen from previous trailers that the Karakuri can transform into platforms players can climb on and zip lines that can quickly transport players from point A to point B, but today's trailer shows just how deep the Karakuri system goes.

You can find examples of Karakuri technology all across the land of Wild Hearts, but the knowledge of how to use it was apparently lost until you came along. With that knowledge regained, you can turn Karakuri into everything from giant bonking hammers to uplifting fan pads, from monster-grappling harpoons to beast-crippling artillery. You can even turn it into a giant unicycle to get around Wild Hearts' world or a big radar tower to zero in on the location of your next hunt.

It looks like there are going to be plenty of beasties for the Karakuri to help deal with. The trailer starts with a rat that runs into a Karakuri-created wall of green energy, but then later we see a giant monkey made out of stone that requires several harpoons to bring low. After that, a giant crystalline porcupine seems to endure a direct hit from a Karakuri cannon before going into an even more monstrous second phase.

We're told that there are even more Karakuri forms than we've seen in trailers. According to Kotaro Hirata, co-director on Wild Hearts, "you will see over 30 different types of Karakuri throughout the game, which are used in real-time, and the crafting is done during the battle."

Transformation isn't limited to traps and traversal for the Karakuri. The Karakuri Staff can transform into five different weapons, including a katana, an umbrella, and a giant shuriken. Today's trailer also revealed a handheld cannon for some ranged monster hunting.

Wild Hearts is due out on February 27, but we can expect another trailer at The Game Awards on December 8.

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