Witch It Comes Out Of Early Access Hiding For Halloween

As we’re headed down the final stretch to October 31, Halloween-themed games are being announced and released seemingly daily. Developer Barrel Roll Games and publisher Daedalic Entertainment have another to add to the list, as they bring their multiplayer hide & seek game Witch It out of early access and into full version 1.0 release.

Witch It comes out of early access hiding with a version 1.0 release trailer, a launch promotion sale price, and a cauldron full of new events and updates. Click over to the Witch It Steam page to get the game at its special promotion price of $14.99 (25% discounted) before it ends on November 2. Broom-fly over to the Daedalic’s YouTube channel to catch the Witch It – Version 1.0 Launch Trailer for a look at Witch It’s humorous and magical gameplay and art styles.

The V1.0 update adds in two new special timely events, the V1.0 Witch Forest event and the Halloween event, which includes the two new maps Morgaryll Forest and Twisted House. During the Halloween event, every player will receive the “Head of the Failed Experiment” title. Sadly, no other details were given about the events in the official press release or the official announcement, so you’ll have to go in-game to find out which map goes with which event.

Witch It v1.0 also adds many other updated items, including:

  • 70+ new Witch Forest themed skin items!
  • 50 new Halloween themed skin items!
  • 100+ additional, new skin items!
  • 1 new Witch skill & 1 new Hunter skill!
  • 14 new achievements
  • Music for every map!
  • Improved sounds!
  • Many more improvements & bug fixes!

Witch It is a multiplayer hide & seek game where Witches attempt to hide from the seeking Hunters. Witches have the ability to transmutate into and mimic almost anything in the environment, such as flowers, fruit, crates, wheelbarrows, pizza, and many other items. This allows them to hide in plain sight, and save their confusion and scare spells for emergencies.

Hunters have a variety of tools and gadgets they can use to seek out the Witches’ hiding places. They can make a ground-slam attack that will shake Witches out of hiding in a close area, and they can even employ perceptive chickens to watch for and warn Hunters when a Witch is spotted.

Click over to the games’ Steam page to read the full Witch It 1.0 release details.

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