With PS5, We Finally Have A Console That Can Handle Knack

Like our PS5 review says, Sony’s new console is an incredible piece of kit. It even answers the age-old question: can it run Knack?

The original Knack might have become a bit of a meme, but it’s a surprisingly demanding game. On PS4 Pro, it enjoys an uncapped frame rate mode. Combine that with its excessive particle effects and destructible physics objects, and it makes for a game that strains the aging tech. PS4 Pro can’t handle Knack at a stable 60fps. Nobody can.

On high-resolution mode, Knack on PS4 Pro generally bounces between 30-45fps. But now we can play the true Knack – the way its developer intended. PS5 laughs at Knack’s high-resolution mode in backwards compatibility. It shrugs it off. It’s locked at a stable 60fps throughout and doesn’t budge, even in the busiest of scenes.

The news comes via Digital Foundry’s backwards compatibility tech tests for PS5, which you can see in the video below from 12:35.

All jokes aside, Digital Foundry says that Knack is perhaps the best example of the power of PS5 because of this uncapped high-resolution mode. PS4 Pro even sometimes dips below 30fps, dropping as low as 24fps when playing at this resolution, but PS5 shows off its 2.4x GPU power increase.

During Digital Foundry’s tests, almost every game that supports an uncapped frame rate on PS4 enjoys a locked 60fps on PS5.

The Evil Within 2, which had a notoriously dodgy frame rate in its uncapped mode, even on PS4 Pro, also sticks to 60fps on PS5. The more powerful Xbox Series X doesn’t manage a locked 60fps in this game, but that’s down to the power difference between Xbox One X and Xbox Series X – it’s not as big a jump as between PS4 Pro and PS5. Because of that, the PS4 Pro version of The Evil Within 2 runs at a slightly lower resolution than the Xbox One X version, which allows for smoother frame rates on PS5 versus Xbox Series X.

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