Wizards Of The Coast Employees Criticize Hasbro Over "Lacklustre" Roe V. Wade Response

After the Supreme Court's plans to overturn Roe V. Wade were realized last week, several large companies have announced measures to help employees who may require access to restricted medical care. Disney, Amazon, and Netflix are a few of the bigger companies that have pledged to cover travel costs for employees traveling states, while a number of game developers and publishers have also come out in support of abortion rights since the ruling. Hasbro isn't one of them though, and it looks like employees at Wizards of the Coast have something to say.

On a brand new Twitter account called "Wizards For Justice", employees working for Wizards of the Coast have released a statement criticizing Hasbro for its "lackluster" response to the ruling. The statement levels a number of scathing criticisms at Hasbro, calling the company "out of touch" and "tone-deaf," whilst also demanding the company "acknowledges the disproportional impact this ruling has on marginalized people" and "fully disclose details on additional healthcare travel benefits."

The statement also looks to be setting up a short walkout as employees are being encouraged to "take a day to reflect, nurture mental health, and show solidarity that Hasbro will not" on June 29.

At the time of writing, Hasbro is yet to respond – instead deciding to retweet and new post by its creepy Nerf mascot – as is the official Twitter account of Wizards of the Coast. It's worth noting that there's currently no evidence that proves this new Twitter account was actually set up by actual Wizards of the Coast employees, but it would certainly be a strange thing to do if the people behind the account aren't genuine.

Hasbro isn't the only one under fire over Roe v. Wade at the moment, as it also came to light over the weekend that Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotick has been donating funds to anti-abortion, anti-birth control, and climate change denying Republican Todd Young.

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