Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty Time-Limited Demo Out Now Until September 26

Koei Tecmo has announced that a time-limited demo for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is available to download now, and will let players try out one of the game's levels until September 26.

Tokyo Game Show is currently ongoing and several big Japanese publishers have had their own livestreams to show off some of the biggest games they have coming over the next year. One such publisher is Koei Tecmo, which showed off some live gameplay of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty, Team Ninja's next game that's currently slated for early 2023.

Along with showing off some gameplay of Wo Long, Koei Tecmo also announced that a time-limited demo will be released today and run until September 26, when it'll be taken offline. As of the time of writing, the demo is currently available now, and the specific timings for when it'll be taken down have been revealed as, 3am ET, 8am BST, and 12am PT.

The demo will allow players to try out one of Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty's levels for themselves, getting the chance to try out its unique take on the Nioh formula, with much faster-paced combat and the introduction of a jump button and climbable environments, both of which were shown off by the developers during the livestream. The stream also revealed that anyone who plays the demo will be rewarded with the "Crouching Dragon Helmet", which will be equippable in the final game.

Following the demo's release, a survey will also be shared to let players share their feedback on the game and help shape its development a bit, similarly to what was done with the demos for Nioh and Nioh 2. Participants in this survey will be rewarded with an original wallpaper for their efforts.

Considering the reveal trailer for Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty confirmed that it'll be released in "Early 2023" and that there's now a playable demo out there, it seems like we'll be getting some kind of confirmation on Wo Long's release date in the coming months.

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