Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap – Charm Stone Locations

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  • Lizard-Man's Charm Stone
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  • How To Purchase The Gallic Sword

There is tons of stuff to do in Wonder Boy: The Dragon's Trap. For example, you can explore looking for new gear to pump up your attack and defense stats, go directly into fighting all the bosses or spend time trying to collect every Charm Stone.

Six Charm Stones are scattered throughout this game, one for each of Wonder Boy's cursed forms. To get them, you will need to find the entrance of the Unknown areas, get inside, deal with all the enemies, and then open the door at the end to get the stone.

Before going after the Charm Stones, find first the Thunder Ring to break brown blocks and the Tasmanian Sword so you can change between forms at any time.

Lizard-Man's Charm Stone

The Lizard-Man Charm Stone is in the underwater section of the desert. To get there, go to the desert and head left until you reach a pit where an enemy that spits fireballs is.

You can kill the enemy using the Lion-Man form, or you can jump towards it (doing so will deal you some damage, but you will get through the enemy with no problem).

Now that you're underwater, go to your right. You will see a wooden door blocked by some brown blocks (you will need the Thunder Ring to be able to break them). Break these blocks using the Lion-Man or the Lizard-Man form and then open the door.

You will be now in The Unknown and immediately turn into the Lizard-Man. Clear the area and retrieve the stone.

Mouse-Man's Charm Stone

The Mouse-Man Charm Stone will be in The Underground area. To get there, break the brown blocks to the left of the windmill and go underwater.

You can only destroy those brown blocks using the Lion-Man or Mouse-Man forms.

Now go left until you see four holes. You have to go inside the second one from left to right, and then keep moving left until you reach the section depicted in the picture below.

What you want to do next is run against the wall to walk between the little gap at the bottom of the screen and enter The Unknown area. Clear it and get the stone.

Piranha-Man's Charm Stone

The Piranha-Man's Charm Stone is in the beach area. To get there, go inside the building below the village's shop and drop down the well. Afterward, keep moving right until you reach the beach.

Now, drop down the ocean and move to the left. You will see a platform with two blocks; get on top of it and then press up to make the hidden door appears. Get inside and clear the area to get the Charm Stone.

Lion-Man's Charm Stone

The Lion-Man Charm Stone is also at the beach but in a different area from where Piranha-Man's Charm Stone was. Head to the beach, but this time walk right and then drop down when you reach the screen from the picture below.

Once you're underwater, go right and drop in between the first and second pillars where the octopuses are. You won't be able to see it clearly, but there is a breakable brown block on the ground, so break it to get into The Unknown. Make sure you open the left door and clear the area to get the stone.

Hawk-Man's Charm Stone

The Hawk-Man Charm Stone is in The Canyon area. To get there, head to the desert and then go right instead of left. Keep moving forward until you reach a wall. Fly over it to get into The Unknown.

Hawk-Man can fly, so while traveling to a particular area, just fly over enemies to avoid getting hurt.

Hu-Man's Charm Stone

You won't need to travel far to get the Hu-Man's Charm Stone, as this one is in the village. However, you will only be able to get it after finishing the game.

To access Hu-Man's Unknown area, go to the village and walk left until you reach the building beside the clinic. Get inside and then open the door to get to the area.

How To Purchase The Gallic Sword

Now that you have all six Charm Stones, you can purchase the Gallic Sword from a secret shop in the village.

To get to the shop:

  1. Go to the village.
  2. Break the blocks left of the windmill.
  3. Drop into the water.
  4. Walk to the left until you see a random block in the air.
  5. Break the block.
  6. Pick up the item that dropped from the block, and enter the door to get inside the shop.

The sword costs 2,017 gold and has the following stats:

FormHow Many Attack Points It Adds

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