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World Of Warcraft: Dragonflight, the latest expansion to the series, will bring a handful of changes. One of the most notable changes is the new Talent Tree system. Players have had the same talent system for some time now, so it's refreshing they brought back the more in-depth talent tree system, but this time it seems like the possibilities are endless.

The new talent tree system has talent trees for classes and for your spec. The depth and possibilities may seem overwhelming but with a general idea of how it works, you will be able to create some great builds. Let's take a look at the new Talent Tree System.

Changes to the Talent Tree System

The most recent talent tree system that players had in Shadowlands was pretty basic. At various level intervals, players had a choice between three talents to decide on (usually for their specific avenue of content), and the possibilities were pretty limited since there was usually a set meta for talents for Raids, Mythic+, and PVP. With the new Talent Tree system, it is probably just a matter of time until a Meta is found, but the possibilities seem pretty flexible for any content.

The new Talent Tree System introduced in Dragonflight will start with the pre-patch, and it brings back a system that may look familiar to veteran players with an actual 'tree' of talents, where the options and possibilities may seem endless. Some Talents will lead to further options, while others will be the end of their respective branch. Strategically choosing talents to reach your needs will take some brainstorming, and maybe some trial and error to find which ones fit best for your course of content.

Details of the Dragonflight Talent Tree System

One of the most notable aspects of the Dragonflight Talent Tree system is the class and spec talent trees. Each class will have two talent trees, one for their class and one for their chosen spec. When choosing your talents, having your class talents play off of your spec ones may lead to some deadly builds.

Some talents will be level locked, so your leveling Talent Tree may not represent your end-game Talent Tree at all. Players may notice some Legendary abilities from Shadowlands available as talents as options in their new Talent Trees, but these will not stack. Until Legenaries become disabled outside Shadowlands content, keep in mind to place your talents carefully.

With that, now that you have a general idea of the changes made to the Talent Tree system, get to try out some new builds, and maybe you'll be the one who discovers the new meta for your class.

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