World Of Warcraft Is Giving Out Pet Monkeys And Sloths, But Fans Aren’t Sure If They’re Actually Cute

World of Warcraft, an immensely popular MMO, is giving out free pet monkeys and sloths—two of the most universally adored animals! So what could possibly go wrong?

Well, I’ll let you be the judge of that. Twitter user @Wario64 shared the good news with players, including links for everyone to receive their own Daisy the Sloth, and Bananas the Monkey. However, looking at thee replies, it doesn’t seem like many are smitten with the cuddly duo, and won’t be claiming the free downloadables.

“Free nightmare fuel”, reads one reply. “why does that monkey look like it’s busted open?” asks another. Daisy and Bananas defenders are few and far between, with only a few daring to call the companions cute. The overall consensus appears to be that they are far more terrifying than adorable.

However, for anyone who is actually interested, the two can be downloaded for free at Daisy and Bananas will join one of your characters, with Daisy even clinging to your back for a free ride. Both can participate in pet battles.

The divisive pair were made available as part of a reward to players for helping Blizzard reach its donation goal to Doctors Without Borders. Since fundraising began, players have raised a staggering $1 million USD. Donations will specifically go towards the group’s COVID-19 relief fund, as it adapts to the international challenge of the pandemic.

Regardless of where you stand on the Daisy/Bananas discourse, you can donate to Doctors Without Borders as part of World of Warcraft’s charity pet program on its website.

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