Worms Armageddon Is Getting A Free Update With A 6-Player Mode

The Worms series is turning 25 years old, and to celebrate one of the most well-liked entries in the series is getting a new major update. Worms Armageddon Update 3.8 is a fan-made update made official by Team 17, and it adds a bunch of new features–including a 6-player mode that lets 48 worms battle at the same time.

The new patch, which is available now for the Steam version of the game, adds several new features beyond expanded multiplayer. You can now tweak the physics of a map, and there are new AI teams to fight against or use in online matches, too. You can also start your game on a map that’s already been hit hard by a previous skirmish with the new “Mapshot” feature, too.

The trailer, below, also shows off the game’s improved social features and video saving features.


The game now has improved compatibility for Windows 10 and Linux, and all the content from the original game–including its excellent mission-based single-player campaign–remains.

In a statement given to press, Kevin Carthew, the creative director of developer Team 17, reflected on his history with the series. “Worms: Armageddon was among the first games I worked on; it’s incredible that members of the community are still delivering updates for it, and is a sure sign of its quality and the love that fans have for it,” he said.

A Worms Rumble closed beta is currently running through Steam, too. That game takes the traditionally turn-based experience and reinvents it as a real-time battle royale. The most recent turn-based Worms game was 2016’s excellent Worms WMD.

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