Xbox And Nintendo Have A "Very Good Relationship," But Don't Expect A Ton Of Xbox Ports

In the latter half of this gen, Microsoft has expanded its horizons immensely in preparation for the new generation ahead. With more studio acquisitions and lowering the boundaries between platforms, Xbox boss Phil Spencer has been leading a productive charge that aims to make up for the lackluster Xbox One’s launch. Regarding Microsoft’s relationship with Nintendo, Spencer reiterates that this relationship is “very good,” but that doesn’t mean expect a total Nintendo/Xbox hybrid. 

In a recent interview, the Xbox boss opened up about their previous talk about adding Xbox titles to the Nintendo library. While this is still something Microsoft is interested in, it’s by far not a focus. While more games could be making their way over onto the Switch library, it won’t be to a massive number that some may have been hoping for. 

“We have a very good relationship,” said Spencer. “I think we see our work very synergistically, in terms of trying to grow the market. And it just makes it easy. Every conversation we have with them has really been easy.”

He added that Xbox game launches on the Nintendo Swtich doesn’t “feel sustainable” and that while some games could be making their way over, Microsoft still wants a “full Xbox ecosystem somewhere” with their investment in Xbox Live, Xbox Game Pass, and xCloud. 

Speculation on what Nintendo and Microsoft could do together spawned following the pair’s “Better Together” update regarding Minecraft, a crossplay initiative that seemingly took a shot at Sony for its firm stance against crossplay. Though Sony eventually game around following this effort, which is good for players excited for this feature, this partnership had many excited for more Xbox games on the hybrid Nintendo platform. 

This interest in the relationship between the two companies continued to spike following Xbox arrives on the Nintendo platform through Super Smash Bros. Ultimate with Minecraft and Banjo Kazooie, in addition to the previous talk about Xbox achievements on the Switch itself. 

It’s not strange to see Microsoft want to be conservative with where their games land outside of their network, especially since the very nature of their network is pretty inclusive by including PC, mobile (through xCloud), and Xbox systems across generations. One thing is for certain, next gen has a lot of potential to throw some curveballs, it will be interesting to see what all four major platforms do next.

[Source: Kotaku]

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