Xbox boss Phil Spencer teases major Game Pass reveal, explains Halo delay

The head of Xbox has said he decided against splitting Halo Infinite up into segments as he reveals the Xbox Series X is super quiet.

Instead of being delayed, Halo Infinite could’ve been broken up into smaller sections reveals Xbox head Phil Spencer. That would’ve presumably meant separating at least the story campaign and multiplayer, but according to Spencer, ‘It just didn’t feel … like the Halo release that we would want.’

‘Let me start just by recognising the fans and the fact that this is a bummer’, said Spencer. ’It is disappointing to people, it’s disappointing to us. We were looking forward to the alignment of Halo Infinite and the Xbox Series X.’

‘In the end I have to make the right decision,’ he said. ‘The strength of the Halo franchise, the health and ability of the team… are things tracking toward the quality of where you want the game?’

Spencer was interviewed by Star Wars: Rogue One screenwriter Gary Whitta in Animal Crossing, of all things. Whitta’s streaming show Animal Talking has already attracted big name stars such as Selena Gomez and Brie Larson (who spoke about wanting to be in a Metroid movie), although last night’s episode hasn’t been archived yet.

In discussing Halo Infinite’s delay, Spencer was adamant that it would not affect the rest of the Xbox Series X and he once again promoted Game Pass as the console’s true killer app.

‘I’d say the positive for us, both through the May showcase and the summer and the July showcase, has been the rise of importance for us in Game Pass,’ he said.

‘We’ve got some more… really great, strong, announcements to come about things… coming to Game Pass’, he added.

There have been rumours circulating for weeks now that Microsoft still has a major announcement to make regarding Game Pass, but it’s unclear whether it’s something general for the whole service or the news of a major third party game – something which would be especially useful right now given the delay of Halo Infinite.

On a less controversial note, Spencer also confirmed that the Xbox Series X would be no louder than the Xbox One, which has always been praised for its quietness compared to the sometimes deafening fans of the PlayStation 4.

He also revealed that he has a final, production line version of the console at home that he plays on.

‘I brought it home and opened it up. I want to have that same experience that people will have at home’, he said.

‘I put the batteries in the controller, everything is just as somebody will buy it in a retail story. There’s nothing debug or employee about it’.

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