Xbox Director Responds To Fable 4, Perfect Dark Rumors

Xbox marketing director Aaron Greenberg has responded to a recent internet discussion around the possibility of Fable 4 and a new Perfect Dark game. Greenberg said on Twitter that he understands people are “hungry for news” in the lead-up to the Xbox Series X first-party games showcase in July, but he acknowledged that you shouldn’t get too excited for those unannounced games.

Newly discovered placeholder Twitter accounts for “Fable” and “Perfect Dark Game” are not what they seem to be, Greenberg said. He pointed out that these accounts have been inactive “for years.” The executive also mentioned that it’s standard operating procedure for Microsoft to register social accounts for its franchises, even if the company has no plans for announcements around them.

The Perfect Dark account was created by a fan. Xbox veteran Ken Lobb, whose name is the inspiration for the Klobb weapon in GoldenEye, followed the account, which led people to believe it might be the genuine article. However, it’s only a fan account. The owner said they would give it up to Microsoft if they asked, but that doesn’t appear to have happened yet.

The Fable account, however, was seemingly created by Microsoft as a measure of brand-protection.

It is widely rumored that Forza Horizon’s second team at Playground is working on Fable 4. In 2018, Eurogamer reported that the game is a story- and character-focused open-world action RPG that has a development team of more than 200 people.

The Fable series was created by Peter Molyneux and Lionhead Studios. Molyneux has since left Microsoft, while Lionhead was closed down after the cancellation of Fable Legends.

The Xbox Series X July showcase is expected to bring news about Halo Infinite–a launch title for the Series X–as well as Microsoft’s other exclusive games.

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