Xur Destiny 2 location: Where is Xur today? Update for June 17

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Xur is returning to Destiny 2, with the merchant heading to a new location and listing a fresh batch of rare Exotics to sell. After the weekly reset earlier this week, Xur will be setting up shop at a new location today, with the merchant dropping into Destiny 2 around 6pm UK time. Last time around Xur was found at the Tower in the Hangar on the back stairs.

Here’s what was in stock last time around…

Two-Tailed Fox, Eye of Another World, Peregrine Greaves, Fr0st-EE5

Xur typically has a few hangout spots he likes to head to, including the aforementioned Hangar as well as the EDZ.

Once Xur’s latest location is discovered Express.co.uk will update this article with where to find him.

In other Destiny 2 news, Bungie has teased fans of the hit shooter about what the next week has in store for them.

Destiny 2: Vow of the Disciple race teased in trailer

The latest This Week at Bungie blog post teased more story content for the current season of Destiny 2.

The most recent Bungie blog said: “It’s another exciting week in the world of Destiny. The story continues to play out through Sever missions; no spoilers here but it’s been fun watching you experience the story as it unfolds week over week. This week’s Nightfall is a tough one in The Corrupted, but if you rise to the challenge, you have your first shot at earning Horror’s Least Pulse Rifle. On the PvP side, this week is your first chance to take advantage of short cooldowns with Solar 3.0 by having some fun in Mayhem. “

Bungie also teased a revamped version of Control will also be launching in the Crucible in the coming days.

The Destiny 2 devs explained: “Zone Control will become available in Crucible Labs starting next week. It’s going to then stick around for the rest of Season of the Haunted except for during Iron Banner. Some of you may remember Zone Control from back in the OG Destiny time frame. This mode is more of a traditional objective mode where the only way to score points is to CONTROL THOSE ZONES!”

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