You Can Now Ask Alexa To Download Games From Xbox Game Pass For You

Downloading games to your Xbox console just got a whole lot easier. As reported by The Verge yesterday, Microsoft has added the ability to download Xbox Game Pass titles through Amazon Alexa. Now, instead of booting up the console or mobile app, scrolling to a game, and clicking download, you can simply ask Alexa and the device will handle the rest. The future sure is convenient…and lazy.

Getting everything running is relatively simple. You’ll first need to link your Alexa to your Xbox, but that can actually be accomplished simply by asking Alexa. Just use the command, “Alexa, download [Game Title] from Xbox Game Pass,” and your robotic digital assistant will go through the steps of linking over to your console. This will require an install of the Alexa app on Xbox, but after that is done, Alexa can download games for you.

I’m not sure if using Alexa is really necessary for this process as grabbing Game Pass titles is fairly easy already. Microsoft has made tremendous strides in streamlining the Xbox UI over the years to the point where it’s easy to navigate after some learning. It would be nice to have a clearer way to view which titles are currently available, but clicking download is painless and Xbox’s ability to queue up titles is seamless.

What am I talking about? Of course, you need Alexa to download stuff. Why would you want to grab a controller and exert effort? That’s not the ultimate gamer way. If I’m elbow-deep in a bowl of Cheetos and don’t want to dirty my controller, Alexa would be a savior!

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