YouTuber Dunkey Has Started A War In Sonic Frontiers Metacritic User Reviews

Last night, YouTuber videogamedunkey made a video poking fun at Sonic Frontiers. While only eight minutes long, and definitely not a serious or formal review, it's pretty clear that he wasn't overly fond of the game, not having a great time with the Open Zone or the combat. However, while the video is pretty inoffensive, it has started a bitter war online, with Sonic fans and Sonic haters duking it out over the game's Metacritic score.

Right now, most of the recent Metacritic user reviews for Sonic Frontiers mention Dunkey's video in some way – whether it's a zero-star or 10-star score. With the game currently sitting at 8.4/10, neither side is relenting, with more and more awful and perfect scores coming in by the minute.

If you open the user reviews section on Sonic Frontiers' Metacritic page, it quickly becomes apparent that this is actually a battleground between Dunkey's fans and detractors.

"This game is quite frankly one of the worst games I ever played," says user dunkeyfan123. "With a poor open world and random pop-ups in the open world that block your gameplay I just don't see the appeal. I would recommend getting this game on sale for $5 dollars. Anyways check out Dunkey's video to see how bad this game is lol."

Other zero-star reviews are coming in from the likes of DunkeyLover2005, dunkeyfan, and dunkeylover69. One review even simply reads "Dunkey sent me." Some that don't mention the YouTuber by name are clearly referencing his video, especially a section at the end that points out that Sonic Frontiers' user score is close to widely critically acclaimed hits such as Red Dead Redemption 2 and Super Mario Odyssey.

However, despite Sonic fans complaining of "review bombing" the user score has only gone down 0.2 points at the time of writing. In fact, most of the recent reviews that mention his video actually come from 10-star reviews, which are meant to counteract the relatively low amount of negative scores.

"Dunkey fans are mid and they have not played the game This game deserves a high review," reads a 10/10 review from Dunkeyfansmid.

Dunkeyhater agrees, chiming in with their own write-up: "I watched Dunkey’s video, I didn’t even play the game, I actually hate sonic so much with a passion, but you know who I hate even more? Yup, Dunkey is trash, so I am gonna give the game a 10 out of spite."

"Here to even out Dunkey's review bombing call. Genuinely one of the most childish things a gaming YouTuber has ever done," says MelMellon. It's worth noting that Dunkey doesn't actually call on fans to review bomb the game, rather he just suggested that he thought Frontiers' score was too high when compared to other titles.

Right now, the battle is being waged on Twitter too and shows no signs of slowing down. In fairness, it probably won't for a while – just look how long we've all been talking about the likes of Sonic '06 and Generations. Good or bad, there's nothing more Sonic than arguing online.

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