Animal Crossing September Seasonal Items Available For A Limited Time

A new month is underway, and for Animal Crossing: New Horizons players, that means there’s a variety of new items to collect and fauna to catch in Nintendo’s popular Switch life sim. On top of acorns and pinecones, which have begun appearing in trees around Northern Hemisphere islands, players everywhere can order a couple of new seasonal items from the Nook Shopping catalog. As usual, however, they’ll only be available for a limited time, so you’ll need to order them soon if you’d like to add them to your collection.

First is the grape-harvest basket, a wearable basket in celebration of the Grape Harvest Festival. It costs 800 bells and will be available until September 30. The other new seasonal item is the moon rug, which will be available until October 8 and runs for 2,000 bells. You can purchase both items from the Seasonal tab in the Nook Shopping catalog.

Beyond the grape-harvest basket, Northern Hemisphere players can now find acorns and pinecones, which can be used to craft new autumnal DIY recipes. You’ll receive one of these–a tree’s bounty little tree recipe–from Isabelle during her daily announcement when you boot up the game, while others can be found in balloons. Meanwhile, spring is about to begin for Southern Hemisphere players, which means cherry blossoms will soon be appearing.

A new month also means new bugs and fish to catch, as well as some new sea creatures. Crickets, red dragonflies, and more have emerged in Northern Hemisphere islands, while honeybees, mantises, and other insects can be found in Southern Hemisphere islands. You can see all the new fauna that are available in each hemisphere in our bugs and fish guides.

Although a new season is upon us, Nintendo has not yet announced a new content update for New Horizons. The last update released in the beginning of August and added a variety of new features to the game, including dreaming, an August fireworks festival, and the ability to back up your New Horizons save data. New Horizons is also finally getting Mario-themed items in March 2021 to celebrate the Super Mario series’ 35th anniversary.

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