Animal Crossing’s new sea creatures make the best pets

Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ big summer update hit at the start of July, which means that folks have readied up their wet suits to go diving. The sea creatures you’ll find underwater aren’t just good sources for new puns. These water critters also make good pals on land, too.

Per usual, you’ll want to give any new buddies over to Blathers, but if you happen to place certain sea creatures on your island, you’ll discover that they aren’t confined to tanks. My favorite of the bunch has to be the enormous spider crab, pictured above courtesy of Animal Crossing player Kaylee’s viral tweet. It jokingly reads, “I’m deleting this game.”

Note that if you want a spider monstrosity of your own, it might be tough — they’re slippery! But, if your prey starts futzing about, you’ll know that it’s probably something good.

The crabs, it seems, have gotten special treatment in this update. Fans have also found that if you interact with a placed horseshoe crab, it’ll flip over. Is it playing dead, or does it want belly rubs? That’s for you to decide.

The Gazami crab, meanwhile, likes to put on a show over at the museum.

Perhaps the cutest of the new bunch has to be the giant isopod, which, when placed, will peek out of its lil’ tub. Folks are taking advantage of this detail to play around with isopod-based scenes, as you’ll see below.


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