Get Paper Mario: The Origami King For $10 Off At Launch

Paper Mario: The Origami King released on July 17 for Nintendo Switch. If you haven’t pre-ordered it, you can still save some cash on this brand-new Switch exclusive. Walmart is once again offering a $10 discount at launch. An earlier version of this article also reported that Ghost of Tsushima for PS4 would be $10 off. Unfortunately, it appears Walmart has changed the price to the normal $60.

While this is a stellar deal for Paper Mario, Walmart is only offering the discounted price when shopping in-store. You can enter your zip code on BrickSeek to make sure that your local Walmart is offering the discount. You should double-check before heading out, especially since we saw the change for Ghost of Tsushima. Sometimes Amazon matches Walmart’s launch discounts, but that typically only happens when Walmart is also offering the discount on its site.

For those who don’t live near a Walmart store or don’t feel like heading out to pick up a video game, make sure to check out our Paper Mario: The Origami King pre-order guide for more details on where you can order the action-RPG. For instance, GameStop has an exclusive pin set for Paper Mario.

The Switch exclusive earned an 8/10 in our Paper Mario: The Origami King review. “With a newfound combat system that steals the show and offers a novel take on turn-based combat, its winking, nodding, and adventuring shine all the brighter,” critic Suriel Vazquez wrote. “Its world and characters might not be the series’ best, but it’s still able to consistently throw left turns, good gags, and smart surprises at you. Each piece of The Origami King elegantly fits into its whole, taking its irreverent flair to new heights. The Paper Mario series has recently shown that being clever and being smart are two different things, but thankfully, it’s once again managed to be both.”

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