New Apex Legends Patch Addresses Lost Treasures Bugs

Respawn has pushed a hotfix update for Apex Legends which addresses several noticeable bugs that popped up in the battle royale game with the release of the Lost Treasures update. The full patch notes for this latest hotfix update are listed below.

Of note, the hotfix addresses the Mobile Respawn Beacon that spawned in the now-open bunker near Water Treatment. Currently, Mobile Respawn Beacons are exclusive to the limited-time Armed & Dangerous mode, but they’re set to release into the standard modes when Lost Treasures ends. Some players–myself included–believed the beacon that spawned in the bunker was a hidden secret that teased what was to come, but apparently not! It was a bug.

The hotfix update also addresses notable issues with Wraith and Octane. In Lost Treasures, Wraith got a new legendary skin called The Marble Goddess. Equipping the skin caused a bug that prevented Wraith from taking headshot damage when hit in the head–instead, the game mistakenly assigned the less severe body damage to a headshot. That issue has now been fixed, alongside a bug that allowed Octane to use healing items while using Stim.

Apex Legends June 30 Hotfix Patch Notes 5.1.1


  • Removed Mobile Respawn Beacon out of the bunker area in Kings Canyon.
  • Fixed an issue with Legends being able to still shoot after being downed.
  • Fixed an issue where taking damage was interrupting revives.


  • Fixed an issue “The Marble Goddess” skin not having the correct hitbox.
  • Fixed an issue with wraith being able to get a speed boost by using her tactical, then her ult, then canceling her ult.


  • Fixed an issue where if death protection wears off during a revive, it cancels the revive.


  • Octane will no longer be able to use Stim while healing.
  • Fixed an issue with passive regen being delayed after the use of Stim.
  • Fixed issues with being pulled out of ADS, weapon firing stopping when Stim ends/landing from a jump pad.

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