Ninjala Has Been Downloaded 3 Million Times And Every Player Gets A Treat To Celebrate

Ninjala released as a Switch exclusive on June 24, and since then a lot of people have downloaded it. The game, which is free-to-play, has been downloaded over 3 million times, developer GungHo Online Entertainment has revealed.

To celebrate, every player is being given 100 Jala, the game’s currency. As part of the game’s launch celebration, every new player who logs in before August 26 will be able to claim these Jala, on top of the other launch benefits previously offered–so if you jump in for the first time today, you’ll automatically get 400 Jala.

To claim this Jala, you need to load up the game and progress beyond the character creation screen and tutorial. Once you reach the main menu, you can claim it from your in-game mail. 100 Jala can be exchanged for a single gumball, although if you wait and save up, it’s likely that more Jala will be handed out as the game continues to amass downloads.

Version 1.2 of the game is currently being worked on, which will introduce some balance adjustments to the online brawler.

GameSpot’s review of Ninjala gave it a 6/10. “There isn’t much to do in Ninjala, and what content is present almost requires a battle pass to be fully enjoyed,” wrote reviewer Steve Watts. “But what we have so far is a solid foundation. The battle fundamentals are well-designed and unique, and the visual flair is absolutely bursting with personality.”

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