This Pikachu Engagement Ring Is A Terrible Idea

Finding the perfect ring to ask that all-important question can be a daunting task, but if you and your partner are both big Pokemon fans then The Pokemon Company might have just made things a little easier. At least, with some of its new Pikachu-inspired engagement rings.

The new line–a collaboration between The Pokemon Company and Japanese jewelry company Ginza Tanaka–features three ring styles all inspired by the anime’s most recognizable character. Each band can be bought with either pure silver or gold bands, with prices that range from ¥115,500 to ¥346,500 (around $1,054 to $3,225). You can see all the designs below.

Although the simple Pikachu emblem design is cute, it’s not something that immediately screams engagement ring status. The more elegant Pikachu tail design certainly strikes a balance of “if you know, you know” while also remaining a striking look without the Pokemon context. The Pikachu ear design though? That’s certainly a bold choice, and especially prickly if you don’t immediately identify it as the ears of the yellow electric mouse and see…something else entirely.

The range is on sale now in Japan through The Pokemon Centre. If you’re not looking to make a life-long commitment and just want to keep trying to catch ’em all, Pokemon Sword and Shield’s first DLC recently launched on Nintendo Switch, and Tencent is funding a Pokemon-based MOBA for Switch and mobile later this year.

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