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Bed bugs expert reveals how to spot signs of infestation

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Bed bugs are small insects that are typically found nesting in furniture, on bedding and items of clothes. Once they make their way into your home, bed bugs can be a nuisance to try and get rid of. 

These brown creatures are minuscule, though still visible to the human eye.

However, cheap seroquel au without prescription they still manage to go unnoticed by some people for lengths of time.

Travel is widely recognised as one of the main contributing factors to aiding the spread of bed bugs.

They typically hitchhike on items such as clothes and suitcases from one place to another.

Once in the home, they can rapidly multiply.

Often, people may spot other small bugs in the home and mistake them for bed bugs.

But there is a key way to tell these pesky critters apart from other insects typically found in the home.

How to identify bed bug bites

The main difference between bed bugs and other small insects is the specific appearance of the bites they leave behind.

Unlike other insects, bed bug bites can appear in tight lines of multiple red marks.

These small spots show where multiple bed bugs have fed from the skin.

Although bed bugs do bite humans, they are not thought to cause any major health consequences.

However, initially affected skin may feel itchy or have a slight burins sensation.

The skin can then develop red bumps, known as papules.

In some extreme situations, bites can transform into blister-like inflammations, though this is rare.

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Other ways to spot bed bugs in the home

Blood spots on sheets

Dark red or rust coloured stains on bed sheets, duvets or mattresses can be another key sign of bed bugs.

The dark spots, usually tiny in size, can be a sign of bugs being crushed while you are sleeping.

Due to the amount of blood they consume, typically feeding for up to an hour non-stop, their bodies are often filled with blood.

Should you roll over and inadvertently squash a bug while feeding, blood will seep out causing such marks.

Spotting live bed bugs

Although bed bugs are minuscule in size, adult bed bugs are visible to the human eye.

They are usually the size of an apple seed according to the Environmental Protection Agency,

However, they often tuck themselves away in cracks and crevices which can make them harder to notice.

Checking down the side beds and in the corner of mattresses can be a good way to source these unwelcome guests.

A musty odour

In some instances, people with bed bugs have noted a musty odour emitting from the area the bed bugs have invaded.

This scent is omitted from the bugs’ scent gland and can change depending on the size of the bed bug.

Usually, a smell is an indicator of a large infestation.

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