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When athletes share their at-home workouts on Instagram, they usually just give you a few tidbits, like a couple shots of themselves owning the battle ropes or crushing a few leg presses. Not Ellie Cole The Tokyo Olympics flag bearer, who won a silver medal and a bronze medal at this year’s games, has not just dropped one entire at-home workout on Insta, buy haldol from india no prescription but is providing us with a bunch of regular follow-along workouts while she remains in lockdown and—whew—they’re intense.

“A lockumentary Workout Video for you all,” Ellie simply captioned one of the posts…”that’s adaptive too!”

“Hey everyone, welcome to my lockumentary life,” she says in the first video. “I am in day two of quarantine and am already going a bit stir crazy… and so I thought that I would film for you guys a workout video – very much like what Jane Fonda does, except without the leg warmers,” Cole says in the video. “But I actually don’t have legs, so that doesn’t really matter anyways.”

The first video covers six exercises, to be followed at 30 seconds each, which means 3 minutes a round. Check out a breakdown below:

  • 30 second of each exercise
  • Pushup Burpees
  • Plank
  • Squat Pulses
  • 1000s
  • Side to Sides
  • Single Leg Deadlifts
    30 seconds rest

In her second, video she explains that after many requests, this video would be covering an adaptive workout. “I had a lot of people message me after my first workout video and suggest that I create an adaptive workout routine. Now, this makes a lot of sense to me because we’ve just come off the back of the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games where adaptive sport took the world by storm, but people who follow me online are people with disabilities… and there aren’t actually that many exercise programs that cater for people with a disability,” she explains.

Creating a strength and core workout that can be done by both able-bodied and disabled people, you can check out the breakdown below:

Shoulder Warmup
Side Plank
Tricep Extensions
Russian Twists
Bicep Curls
Sit Ups
Deltoid Raises
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