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One in six Brits currently suffer from back pain, with statistics suggesting that up to 9 million adults in England live with spinal discomfort day-to-day.

Poor posture can be to blame for back pain, with the rise in working from home (and the poor work setups that came with it) compounding the problem further.

Percko’s Lyne Up is designed to relieve the pain that comes from slouching – and you can get it for less as part of the brand’s summer sale.

The Lyne Up is the world’s first back relief vest to be certified as a medical device, developed by a multidisciplinary team of biomechanics experts, physiotherapists, and osteopaths.

It’s worn like a t-shirt, california board of veterinary medicine but is discreet enough to go under your regular clothes. Simply pop it on as you go about your day, then feel the benefit will regular use.

A piece of wearable tech, the Lyne Up works by engaging your posture, realigning your spine, and reducing pressure on your vertebrae. Over time, your back muscles will be strengthened, leading to better back health and pain relief.

Elasticated tensors are strategically positioned on the upper body to keep your posture right subconsciously, functioning in a similar way to Kinesio taping.

In 15 days of use you should see a reduction in back pain, and after 21 days you’ll benefit from long-lasting posture improvement. After this initial period, you only need to wear your Lyne Up two days a week to maintain your healthier back muscles.

As part of six studies, 4,400 people tested Percko’s products, with 86% of users saying they were satisfied and 72.5% reporting reduced back pain.

It’s a hit with professionals, too. Jeff Ross, Physiotherapist at Harris & Ross in Manchester said: ‘It was doing the job that I would want my strapping to do. People are going to get better quicker, they are going to feel less pain.’

Dan Boyd, Physiotherapist at Complete Physio, London, added: ‘As a feedback tool to remind people what good posture is, I think it’s brilliant.’

The Lyne Up normally costs £99, but as part of Percko’s summer sale, you can get £15 off when you one vest, or £50 off when you buy two.

The offer lasts until July 19, so get in there fast if you want to save.

Are you ready to invest in your posture and back health?

Get the Lyne Up on the Percko website now.

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