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We get it, feeding kids is a touchy subject from day one. Breast or bottle? Eat at the table or while watching a tablet? To snack, or not to snack? Well, the latest dinner debate came from one dad on Reddit who has been battling it out with his ex when it comes to portion sizes.

“My 9-year-old son has started to ask for adult meals when taken out for food,” he said in the original post. “For example, pilocarpine model of epilepsy he asked for a Big Mac meal when he was last at McDonald’s.”

The dad says he buys his son whatever he asks for. The size and cost don’t bother him (especially since he was eating the same amount at that age), but what does bother him is the way his ex reacts to these decisions. In her mind, a child should be sticking to a Happy Meal size.

“When finding out what I was ordering for our son, she criticized me at length on WhatsApp for it.”

At this point, Redditors were already rolling their eyes. I mean, seriously? We all know a kid who can out-eat us. And why shouldn’t they? 

“It’s almost as if they’re growing?!” sighed one commenter.

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