21% Of Ori And The Will Of The Wisps Players Finished The Game

One of Microsoft’s biggest exclusives of 2020, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, has reached a new milestone. The game’s Twitter account announced that the Xbox One and PC game has reached “2 million spirits,” which seems to be how many people have tried the game so far.

This isn’t a direct sales figure, however, as Will of the Wisps is available on Xbox Game Pass for Xbox One and PC like all of Microsoft’s games are. Sales figures going forward for Microsoft’s games may be harder to pin down specifically and compare to previous titles due to the rise of Xbox Game Pass.

Of the 2 million people who have played Will of the Wisps, around 423,000 people beat the game, Moon Studios announced. That works out to a completion rate of around 21 percent. Only 45,000 people completed the game on the Hard difficulty.

Will of the Wisps reaching 2 million is a big number and a solid achievement for developer Moon Studios. For comparison, the original Ori and the Blind Forest became profitable in less than one week, but a sales figure for the game was never announced.

Will of the Wisps players have collectively played 14.5 million hours of the game, and died 240 million times. You can see more statistics in the graphic below.

Will of the Wisps brings Ori’s journey to a dramatic conclusion, and does it with much of the same style and tone that made the first game so memorable. Now that time has passed, GameSpot caught up with Moon Studios’ founder Thomas Mahler and composer Gareth Coker to unpack the most uplifting and devastating moments of the game–check out our interview here.

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