GTA 5 Online Offering Bonuses On Arena War And Survival Series This Week

Grand Theft Auto V has announced this week’s bonuses, discounts, and Lucky Spin prize car, and if you’re a fan of Survival Series of Arena War you’re in luck. These modes will pay out higher than usual this week, so they’re worth jumping into if you need more GTA$.

The Horde Mode-style Survival Series is paying out double rewards all week long, so you’ll be rewarded for enduring at a better rate than usual. Arena War, the game’s large-scale destruction derby-style mode, is paying out double RP and GTA$, but it’s also giving players triple Arena Points this week.

By competing, you can also get 50% off the Apocalypse variant for any vehicles that can be used in this mode.

The Lucky Wheel at the Diamond Casino and Resort can win you a Dinka Sugoi this week, a hatchback without quite as much oomph as some of the game’s other cars, but still a classy little vehicle. Of course, you’ll have to rely on luck to land it.

There’s also a few more discounts up for grabs this week. They are:

  • Arena Workshop: 50% off
  • Arena Workshop Customizations and Add-Ons: 40% off
  • Invade and Persuade RC Tank: 40% off
  • Principe Deveste Eight: 35% off

As was announced when we found out that GTA V is coming to PS5, PlayStation 4 owners can currently get GTA$1 million a month just by logging in; when it ticks over to August, you’ll be able to get another million, and if you haven’t claimed for July yet you’d better hurry.

A big content update is also due for GTA V Online soon, and we’ll report further on that when we know more.

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