Maquette Will Bring Mind-Bendingly Clever Recursive Puzzles To PS5, PS4, And PC This Year

Publisher Annapurna Interactive has unveiled a new first-person puzzle game, and it looks incredible. Maquette is the debut game of studio Graceful Decay, and it’s focused on recursive, nested environments. We were confused by that description at first, but the trailer below clears up everything.

The environments within Maquette seem to be matching concentric areas that scale down. In a simple example in the trailer, an area might contain a block that is too large to move–but if you head into one of the buildings there you’ll find a smaller version of that same building, and moving the block there moves the bigger block, too.

It looks like many of the puzzles will involve manipulating the size of objects and moving smaller versions of large items. The trailer below shows off a few examples, and make the game look very clever.

According to a post on the PlayStation Blog by creative director Hanford Lemoore, the game’s goal is to “deliver plenty of ‘ah-ha’ and ‘mind-blown’ moments, while the narrative asks you to take a journey of love, loss, and acceptance.” The story involves the memories of a young couple, and moving through the history of their experiences as a couple. The game is meant to evoke the feeling in a relationship of how minor incidents and issues can start to feel very big.

A release date has not been set for Marquette, but the game’s Steam page lists it as a 2020 game.

This was one of several indie games debuted for PS5 today. Worms Rumble was also announced, providing a unique real-time version of the classic Worms experience.

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