Microsoft Flight Simulator Player Adds A Gigantic Xbox Series X To The World

Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn’t have a release date yet on Xbox consoles, but one PC player has decided to bring a supersized version of Microsoft’s next-gen hardware into the game.

Reddit user Oh_Gaz posted a video of their addition to the game, a gigantic Xbox Series X that was accurately rendered and can be found in Redmond, Washington, the location of Microsoft’s headquarters. It sure does look better than the impossibly tall skyscrapers that were the result of a typo when the game first launched.

Not just a massive monolith that vaguely resembles the console, Oh_Gaz even went so far as to add several smaller details such as the console’s input ports and a glowing green light at the top that illuminates the sky at night. As an added inside joke, Oh_Gaz even used the demo music that was present on the original Xbox console in the video below.

While you won’t be able to take a scenic tour of the Xbox Series X just yet, you can watch it being unboxed by a YouTuber who got his hands on the retail version of the console and the smaller Xbox Series S ahead of their November 12 launch. GameSpot has also been able to explore the Xbox Series X prototype and the real-deal version, which you can see more of in our hands-on preview.

Microsoft Flight Simulator also added several Japanese cities to its itinerary recently, as well as an airport that can be found at the bottom of a massive chasm.

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